Building Better Biceps

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I think I’m speaking on the behalf of pretty much every single man our there when I say we all wish we could have bigger arms and bigger calves. This dream seems far out of reach sometimes but you might just be missing those missing few ingredients to getting the increased size of your dreams. Follow the below tips and methods to push you through your plateau and at up to 2 inches to your arms is just a month:

Weekly frequency

Basically meaning hit them as many times as you can in the week. This is more important than the volume per session. I would recommend at least 4 times a week but no more than 8 sets per muscle (bicep and triceps).

Varied rep ranges

Did you know there are more rep ranges than 5x5 or 3x10? Make sure you cover all ends of the spectrum having heavier days at the lower end of the rep ranges as well as hitting some higher end reps (even up to the 100 range).

Be in a calorie surplus

A plant needs water and sunlight to grow. We need food and an exercise stimulus. If you want muscle growth at a decent rate eating enough calories for your body to do this is pretty important. I would recommend 5-10% over your maintenance calories for a solid 4 weeks during this mass building phase.

Keep in the compounds

Even though a lot of arms work is isolated don’t underestimate the growth potential of big compound exercise such as bench, overhead or push press. All these can be a great compliment to your isolated bicep and triceps work.

Get a helping hand

Have a training partner, training or coach to push you through those higher rep range sessions. Creating that intensity and fire in your training is going to get you the best results.

Everything we do at Zelos is tried and tested but also based around a background in science. Owen in our team put these tests protocols above into play and ended up putting 2.5 inches on his biceps in just over 4 weeks. He started at 15.5inches and ended up at a whopping 18inches! Feel free to give the workout a go for a month and get in touch to let us know how you got on!

Click Here to Download your FREE MONTHLY PLAN!

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